Ministry & Mission

Bishop Robert E. Hayes, Jr.; Hdqrtrs Office: Conference Treasurer; Communications/Public Relations; Congregational Development; Volunteer In Missions; Campus Ministries; Youth Ministries; Christian Education Director; Chemical Depency Ministries; Camps Ministries; Criminal Justice/Mercy Ministries; Circle of Care; Lay Discipleship Training Retreats/ Conferences/Schedules
The United Methodist Women's Website for National and Global Mission witness and prayer support
Official UM News Agency: 1. News Service; 2. Beliefs/Doctrine; 3.Mission Updates; 4. Ministry Team Tools; 5. Locate UM Churches
The purpose of Volunteers In Mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ in ways that make a Christian difference
Our UM Safe and Secure LINK to Connect with UMs everywhere: Global Mission; Ministry Team ideas/support/programs, VIMs nationally or globally, Help for mission & ministry is HERE!
Official UM Publishing House: ALL Sunday School materials; Faith, Mission, Spiritual Growth, Ministry Team, etc. support BOOKS; Vacation Bible School; ALL Worship Resources; Music Resources...
Materials: Book, Music, Drama, Visual Media, Supplies, Equipment, etc.; Worship Styles, Planning, Design, Arts in Worship
National UMC spiritual growth, outreach, welcome/witness and inspirational resources for local church ministry staff and laity in churches of ALL sizes; Materials for Lay Speakers, Worship, Stewardship, Christian Education, Evangelism,ALL Age level ministries & Hispanic resources...
Laity Spiritual Growth Discipleship Training designed to support local church ministries & mission(sponsored by Upper Room Ministries)
includes Directors & email addresses for Ardmore District Campus Ministries @ East Central State University in Ada and Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant
EXCITING YOUTH RESOURCES, Leadership Training Events, Youth Study materials, Mission opportunities, etc.
UM YOUTH SERVICE FUND is Youth raising and distributing money for YOUTH MINISTRIES
Independent weekly news for United Methodists produced by Boston Wesleyan Assoc; Accurate, readable & balanced news guided by The UM 'Book of Discipline', UM Social Principles, Scriptural witness, church history,tradition & principles and practices of responsible journalism