D.E.R.T. (Disaster Emergency Response Team)-Chair: ED BEVERS Assistant: TERESA MARTIN

The D.E.R.T. Team is a disaster emergency team organized by our Oklahoma UM Conference for ministry in our 12 UM Oklahoma districts to provide help for individuals, families, churches and communities in serious emergency disaster needs (tornadoes, ice storms, floods, fires, etc.). 

Our Ardmore District has designed and equipped an emergency trailer that can be used within our district OR by our district to serve local churches, communities and/or families in need.  Our Lindsay UMC D.E.R.T. Team is lead by Ed Bevers and Teresa Martin who have received Certified D.E.R.T. training from our Oklahoma UM Conference Volunteers-In-Mission Director, Jeremy Basset, and OK Conference International VIM Dircetor, Shannon Lemmons.  Our local Mission Ministry Team (Chair: John Martin) and our local United Methodist Men (Co-Chairs: Steve Pracht/Tom Herrin) work closely to support and help the D.E.R.T. Team.