About Our Church


** Indicates requirement to be a Church Member for specific Church Office

**CHURCH COUNCIL CHAIR: Church Council Chair oversees the overall vision and ministry of the Church and provides leadership for the various areas of ministry.

**LAY LEADER: Lay Leader works with Pastor in guiding the overall ministry of the Church and in equipping and encouraging the laity to share their 'gifts and graces' for the ministry and mission of Christ's Church; Lay Leader is an Ex Officio Member of the Church Council, the Staff-Parish Relations Committee and the Finance Committee.

**LAY MEMBER to ANNUAL CONFERENCE:Lay Member represents the local church at sessions of the Annual Conference; Lay member is an Ex Officio Member of the Church Council, the Staff Parish Relations Committee and the Finance Committee.

**ALTERNATE LAY MEMBER to ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Alternate Lay Member represents the local church at sessions of the Annual Conference if the Lay member cannot attend.

**CHURCH TREASURER:Church treasurer shall disburse all money contributed to causes represented in the local church budget and other such funds and contributions as authorized by the Church Council.

**STAFF PARISH RELATIONS COMMITTEE CHAIR: The Staff Parish Relations Committee, through the Chair, works with the Annual Conference in evaluating the effectiveness of the pastoral/congregational partnership and hires and evaluates all paid staff positions.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Trustees oversees church property and bequests for the use of ministry.

**PARSONAGE COMMITTEE: Parsonage Committee is a Support Ministry of the Trustees and oversees the parsonage to make sure that it is being maintained through their yearly 'walk through' in order to see what needs repaired.

**FINANCE COMMITTEE: Finance Committee oversees the financial stewardship of the church,through the **Chair and the **Financial Secretary maintains accurate records of all giving and contributions.

AUDITOR: Auditor(s) conduct the annual Audit for the District Office.

**MEMORIAL COMMITTEE: Memorial Committee receives, records and maintains any and all funds contributed for designated or undesignated memorials for the local church.

**NURTURING MINISTRIES: Nurturing Ministries oversees all activities for Children, Youth and Adults including Vacation Bible School. **Christian Education Chair & Team,**Children Coordinator,**Youth Coordinator,**Campus Ministry/Higher Education Coordinator,**Adult Coordinator,**Family Life Coordinator,**Senior Adult Coordinator,**Vacation Bible School Coordinator,**Worship Chair & Team, **Stewardship Chair & Team,**Hospitality/Nurture Coordinator and Health and Wholeness Coordinator are all related to the Nurturing Ministries Teams.

**OUTREACH MINISTRIES: Outreach Ministries work on projects related to evangelism, new membership recruitment and assimilation, revivals and renewal events in the life of the church. **Evangelism Chair and Team,**Church and Society Chair & Team,**Missions Chair & Team, Scouting Ministries Representative,**VIM Representative,**Prayer Advocate(s) and Sign Language Coordinator are all related to the Outreach Ministries Teams.

**WITNESS MINISTRIES: Witness Ministries provide visibility and publicity for the local church's ministry through the various media avenues of Church newsletter, local Newspaper, local Radio/TV, Church Website, Signage (Exterior/Interior) and through Person to Person witness. **Communications Ministry Chair& Team,**Website Coordinator,**Welcome/Witness Coordinator(s) & Team,**Audio Tech Coordinator,**Cyber-Communications Coordinator,**United Methodist Women President and**United Methodist Men President are all related to the Witness Ministries Teams.