The CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Ministry Team helps the local church coordinate its Christian Education ministry among the many groups, programs and events that seek to teach and share the good news of Jesus Christ and his values, principles and visions for God's Kingdom.  Among the many expressions of Christian Education are the Sunday School classes of all ages, the annual Vacation Church/Bible School, special seasonal studies like Lenten Spiritual Growth Studies, Advent Seasonal Studies, Disciple Bible Studies, United Methodist Women Annual Studies and/or other featured events and groups that seek to nurture Christian discipleship, leadership development, missional opportunities and biblical and historical knowledge to help our members fulfill the goals of our Lindsay United Methodist Church 'Mission Statement'. 

The Chairperson is invited to select a CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Ministry Team comprised of Sunday School teachers/leaders, Church Officers whose responsibilities relate to teaching our faith to Children, Youth, Young Adults, Mid Adults and Senior Adults.  This Ministry Team is encouraged to use our United Methodist resources and teaching materials that are designed to relate to the age-level or interest level of those participating.  The Team may select their own schedule of meetings that relate to specific projects, ongoing groups and/or new opportunities for Christian Education.