CHURCH & SOCIETY MINISTRY TEAM: Chairs- Mark Taylor/Steve Pracht

MEMBERS of The Church & Society Ministry Team:

Leah Kennedy, (Secretary), Theresa Bevers, Jesse Millsap, Kailey Hibbard,

The purpose of the CHURCH & SOCIETY MINISTRY TEAM is 'to relate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the members of the Church and to the persons and structures of the communities and world in which  they live.  It shall seek  to bring the whole of human life, activities, possessions, use of resources and community and world relationships into conformity with the will of God.  It shall show the members of the Church and the society that the reconciliation that God effected through Christ involves personal, social and civil righteousness'.  (Para. #1002, UM Discipline

The Social Principles of The United Methodist Church shall be the guiding principles to 'assist Church members as they identify and respond to critical social issues at community, regional, national and international levels'. 

The Church & Society Ministry Team shall explore, identify, inform and promote the actions and networks that work toward social justice in society, encourage and exchange ideas of strategy  and methodology for social change and nurture and embrace the issues that enrich human well-being through the issues of justice, peace and responsible stewardship of creation that call Christians to respond as servants of God's will.