The Mission Ministry Team is placed in the missional category of OUTREACH in The United Methodist Discipline.  Our Lindsay UMC ministry teams are organized under the categories of NURTURE, OUTREACH and WITNESS to serve as an outline for the model of mission and ministry as reflected in the Discipline

The Mission Team Chair is our local church advocate for mission in and through each aspect of ministry throughout our congregation: local church missions, Ardmore District mission projects, Oklahoma Annual Conference mission opportunities and events and international global missional efforts through Volunteers In Mission or other global witness ministries or activities that the Church Council or Mission Ministry Team is encouraged to do with the local church's support.  Our Mission Ministry Team affirms and advocates the Lindsay UMC 'MISSION STATEMENT' as our foundation for faithfulness to our Christian mission.  The motto of the LIndsay UMC is "A Community Church with a Global Mission".

The goal of the Mission Team is to educate and inform our congregtion with the many ways that individuals and groups in our congregation may encourage and activate missions in our local or global visions.  To be in mission is to "serve the needs of others while serving the will of God".  Our Christian discipleship is to be in mission in our church, in our community and throughout creation.