About Our Church

Faith and Vision


The Vision Team



To reflect and respond to our church and community needs, to envision and evaluate  our church's goals and ministries and to gather and share data/information that may serve the goals and vision of the Lindsay united Methodist Church in relation to our 'Mission Statement', our 'Membership Covenant' and the guidance and growth of our church's PERSONNEL, PROGRAM and PROPERTY essentials for spiritual and missional growth.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Lindsay United Methodist Church

Is to glorify God through faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ and loving service to all,        

So that everyone may hear the good news,

Respond to God's offer of salvation and

Become responsible Christian disciples

Supporting the mission of the United Methodist Church


Our Church Motto

"A Community Church with a Global Mission"

The Vision Team, elected by our Church Council, is given great opportunity, privilege and responsibility in guiding the goals and visions of our local church's mission and ministry.  These leadership roles are given express supervision over the PERSONNEL, PROGRAM and PROPERTY of the Lindsay United Methodist Church through the United Methodist Church Discipline for our mission and ministry development and growth.  These leadership responsibilities need consistent, supportive and reflective communications among themselves to assist our local church in fulfilling the goals and inspiring the visions for expanded ministry in our congregation, community and creation.

Regularly scheduled Church Council sessions and/or other committee/team meetings demand focus upon the immediate needs, emergency occasions and short-term goals that routinely come before their respective areas of leadership and oversight.  Hence, these servant leaders of specific committee responsibilities related to personnel, program and property issues do not have the opportunity to reflect upon long-range goals, needs or interests at regularly scheduled meetings except through ad hoc conversations or individual Visits. 


The Vision Team will provide the occasion, forum and opportunity for the above servant leaders to meet quarterly to reflect upon their individual leadership role and how it relates to specific needs of the church in the areas of Personnel, Program and property.  This forum encourages these leaders to become more familiar with one another's leadership responsibilities as well as explore, envision and encourage the goals of our church's 'Mission Statement' and 'Membership Covenant' for expanded ministry.


The Vision Team shall be convened or led by the Church lay Leader.  The lay leader shall prepare an agenda for the quarterly session.  Each session shall begin with a brief devotion (Scripture, Prayer, Reflection) to assist the Vision team members to reflect and focus upon our Christian discipleship, our Mission Statement and our Membership Covenant in our witness, work and worship of Christ, our lord.


Vision Team Guidelines and Goals

  1. Provide opportunity for any church member to have input of his/her visions, hopes and dreams for our 'faith family' through an annual or periodic data-gathering process through which members may indicate their faith interests and personal hopes for our 'Faith Family';

  2. Consider and/or discuss the short-term & long-term programs, projects and proposals for ministry in the respective areas of the personnel, program and property goals of the Lindsay United Methodist Church;

  3. develop its own unique focus to assist our church members to become more informed, more intentioned and more inspired about the areas of congregational growth to fulfill our Mission Statement and Membership Covenant goals;

  4. Provide opportunity for each leadership role on the Vision Team to share his/her personal faith hopes and dreams for our church's future; and,

  5. To consider any additional personnel and/or guideline changes that may be brought to the Church Council for evaluation, approval and implementation in fulfilling the goals and visions established by our Church Council.