The Rural Majority

Large churches in big cities, undeniably have their place,
But itís in our rural settings, youíll more quickly see Godís face.
No traffic jams to contemplate, oh, what a pityí
We recall what was Jesusí fate when he visited the city.
In percent of our population, rural folks, just one in five,
But without these holy servants Christís Body could not survive.
And in our Wesleyan tradition as our Bishops apply Godís grace
And our rural majority of churches often set our missionís pace.
When every Conference gathers and city churches take the lead,
Rural churches are not offended because we fill a special need.
Ours is not a pride that flaunts our gifts or seeks to stand above,
For in and through our rural church are hearts and lives that truly love.
Itís the warm heart of our Christian faith and the tender care of community friends,
Who accentuate the grace of God and provides that upon which our neighbor depends.
We are truly honored to be a part of Godís rural ministry,
For the faith we share with rural friends brings true serenity.
We gather each Lordís Day and often fellowship in between,
Because our friends and neighbors help enrich our self-esteem.
We applaud all rural churches and rural shepherds of our Master,
God has given each our purpose. Jesus was a rural pastor!

Dan J. Frisby