Civic Organizations

Our Lindsay United Methodist Church affirms and celebrates the many Lindsay civic organizations that provide a variety of support, service and informational opportunities for healthy families and hopeful community activities that bring meaning, purpose and enrichment to all.  We welcome your civic organization to be added to our list as we encourage civic and community non-profit groups that offer service and enrichment for our Lindsay residents. Below are just a few:


ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS  and AL-ANON meets EACH TUESDAY @ 8:00PM. Interested persons call (405)-756-2863 for AA.


The Lindsay American Legion assists veterans with a Veterans Service Officer on premises on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of EACH MONTH at 9:00a.m. @ the Lindsay Senior Citizen's Center, 310 Choctaw.


The Lindsay Rotary Club meets EACH TUESDAY NOON @ the Grace Reception Center in the Lindsay United Methodist Church, 114 West Chickasaw.