Church Policies and Guidelines For Your Wedding
is a privilege for us to host your wedding.  The wedding covenant is an important worship service in the United Methodist Church.  The creation of families is affirmed in Holy Scripture and the marriage covenant of mutual love is blessed by God.  

The marriage covenant vows are a life commitment of loyalty and love.  Please review carefully the following policies, guidelines and procedures for a Christian wedding before you decide to have your wedding in the church.  If you have further questions, please feel free to visit with our Pastor or Administrative Assistant at this following number: 405-756-2382. 

How to Schedule: 

All scheduling begins with the pastor personally or through the Church Office.  Please check date availability with the Church Administrative Assistant.  Courtesy and convenience for wedding date scheduling should be as far in advance as possible so as to avoid scheduling conflicts.  Non-member weddings cannot be confirmed until 90 days preceding the wedding ceremony, as church members will have first selection of dates. Our church is not able to schedule weddings during special church services or large meetings at that time. 

Your choice to enjoy the facilities and conveniences of The Lindsay United Methodist Church assumes that you wish to use our pastor as the officiating pastor in your wedding ceremony.  It is not our policy to "rent space" for wedding ceremonies.  If a couple chooses to have another pastor officiate or assist with your wedding ceremony, our pastor will be happy to discuss with you the opportunities and options available under the guidance and permission of our appointed pastor.  Our church family reserves the right to have our pastor officiate at your wedding ceremony and use a guest pastor as an assistant.  

The services of a professional wedding consultant may be used in cooperation with the guidance and direction of the officiating minister in your ceremony. 

Pre-Marital Conference: 

We require a two hour marriage conference with our pastor or with our pastor's knowledge with the officiating pastor for each couple.  The couple conference should be scheduled with the pastor at the time the wedding ceremony is set on the Church Calendar.  This wedding conference is a relaxed time for reflecting and sharing the hopes and joys of your lives together.   

A variety of important and affirming interests and goals of each other will be shared:

Our pastor has extensive training to share with you the opportunities and experiences that will affirm you as individuals and reflect with you as a couple some important reflections in this confidential discussion in relation to your wedding ceremony, vows and life together. 

The Marriage Ceremony Event: 

Reflections:  The Marriage Ceremony is an anticipated event for family and friends to celebrate and cherish.  As excitement and plans develop for the ceremony it is important to reflect upon the true meaning of this event in relation to your present needs and your future plans.  The marriage ceremony, in Christ's Church, is essentially the occasion for two people to honor, care and covenant together for one another in a ceremony that reflects the couple's covenant of love, celebration of life and their commitment to one another.  There is an intrinsic beauty and joyous celebration in the simplicity and serenity of a Marriage Ceremony.  Elegant memories are provided in both the simplicity and serenity of a traditional ceremony or added expense and extravaganza may be included for personal interests or social purposes of the couple.  The Marriage Ceremony in The United Methodist Church is basically a worship ceremony in which the Spirit of Christ and the values of Christian faith is the center of the covenant love relationship of the bride and groom. 

Pictures:   Photographers serve an important service in preserving the occasion for your future years.  Pictures and/or video are allowed during the ceremony if they do not distract from the worshipful atmosphere of the wedding.  Flash attachments used during the ceremony draw undue attention from the couple and their covenant vows and are not allowed.  Pictures of the bride and groom's processional entrance and recessional departure may be allowed from the front half of the sanctuary.  The church balcony may be used for pictures during the ceremony while photographers remain in the back half of the sanctuary during the ceremony.  Pictures are invited in the sanctuary after the ceremony for re-posing and close-up portrayals and in the reception area during the festivities of celebration.  Following the ceremony please consider your family and guests that are waiting for you in your reception as you repose portions of you ceremony and special family pictures.   

Videos:   Videos are suggested on a fixed tripod position.  A video may be shot from the wings of the chancel in a less conspicuous position.  Videographers may not roam freely about the sanctuary for moving shots during the ceremony and are cautioned to not position themselves closer than 5 rows from the front.  If you choose to use our Video and/or Audio Technicians honorariums may be paid them at the Rehearsal or sometime prior to the ceremony. 

Music:  Music is an inspirational and vital element of the Marriage ceremony.  Our Church Organ may only be played by our Organist or one of our approved substitute Organists as allowed by our Church Trustees for insurance purposes.  If the couple wishes to use a substitute Pianist our trustees require the name of the pianist who will be playing our church piano for insurance purposes. 

Wedding music is used to celebrate and inspire the concept and spirit of glorifying God and celebrating Christian love and marriage.  Secular songs may be used only under the guidance and consent of our Pastor.  Our Organist is an accomplished musician who will have a wide variety of selections to suggest if you choose.  

Honoraria: Honoraria may be paid directly to the Organist or Pianist at the rehearsal, but need to be paid prior to the ceremony.  Accompanist fees apply to both church members and non-members to compensate the musician for his/her talent and time.  Our Audio/Video Technicians are the only ones who may use our sound/video system equipment at the console. 

Decorations and Flowers:  We are blessed with a beautiful sanctuary which requires little decoration.  

Florists: Florists will need to make arrangements of getting into the church on the day of the wedding previously through the Church Office or Pastor.  Tapes, adhesives or other items used to attach decorations should not mar or damage the woodwork, walls or pews.  Additional charges will be assessed the bride and groom to restore any woodwork if damage occurs. 

Wedding Observances and Courtesies:  The Wedding Rehearsal is an important time that needs to be scheduled along with the calendaring of the Wedding Ceremony date. Rehearsal time will be expedited if all wedding party participants ARE ON TIME.  Most rehearsals can be accomplished within an hour if proper consideration for participants has been planned.  Rehearsal dinners, if desired, can be planned to follow or coincide with the conclusion of the Wedding Rehearsal. 

On the day of the wedding, most of the wedding party should arrive at least ONE HOUR PRECEDING THE CEREMONY or as requested by the Bride and Groom.  Ushers should be available in the sanctuary to welcome guests 30 minutes before the ceremony or as requested by the Bride and Groom.  Ushers may be helpful to the wedding party and the ceremony start time if they would encourage guests to be seated at least 10 minutes preceding the ceremony.   

The Marriage Certificate will be brought to the Pastor shortly before the ceremony or immediately after the ceremony by the Bride and/or Groom.  The Pastor and Church office will record the marriage and mail the certificate back to the County Courthouse, unless otherwise advised by the Bride or Groom. 

Use of Church Facilities:   

NO SMOKING or ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed on the church property.  All food and beverage used for the reception must be kept in the fellowship hall area and not carried about the building or in the sanctuary.

NO RICE is permitted in or on the church property as its use would unduly harm wild birds.  BIRD SEED may be used outside the facilities on sidewalks or curbsides for celebration purposes.  If extraordinary time is needed in cleaning the entrances a fee will be charged the Bride and Groom. 


The Marriage Ceremony will start on the time scheduled unless otherwise advised to the Pastor by the Bride and Groom.  Remember, Flower Girls, Ring Bearers and other children under the age of 6 involved in the ceremony will require some additional time in providing the flow and continuity you desire for your ceremony.  Special Music (solos, etc.) for rehearsal may also require additional time considerations. The Marriage Ceremony is designed to place the emphasis upon your covenant of love to one another and God's grace in your marriage.   

Building Use:  Sanctuary Parlor Percy Hall  Kitchen


If neither Bride nor Groom are Members







Either Bride or Groom Is  A Member 


$ 0 

$ 0 

$ 0 

$ 0 

Custodial Fee (Everyone)







$10.00 extra if using a Guest Minister as our Custodian will need to arrive early to turn on lights, Heat or A/C, open doors, etc. 


Rehearsal Dinner $10.00 for set-up & take-down of tables and cleaning Area afterward.


A courtesy Custodian "gift" is suggested for VERY LARGE Weddings (250-400) with a reception at the church.



Rehearsal & Wedding

Wedding After 5:00pm Saturday

Church Organist: 






Sound/Video Tech:



ALL FEES ARE PAID IN ADVANCE OF THE WEDDING CEREMONY OR BY THE DAY OF THE REHEARSAL.  The Church Administrative Assistant will instruct how and who to pay. 

Small Weddings without rehearsal which includes only the Bride, Groom and no more than 10 guests excluding the Pastor (no music, no floral arrangements and no bird seed) can be arranged through the Pastor.  Minimal Charge of $25.00 for non-members and no charge for members.   

Weddings are scheduled in consideration of Church and Ministry Staff.  Weddings planned after 8:00pm must be with consent of our Pastor. 

Your wedding is a joyous and worshipful experience.  These guidelines seek to assist you in planning a meaningful Christian ceremony and celebration!  Blessings!