Our Lindsay UMC students enjoy a variety of our United Methodist Campus Ministries (Oklahoma Campus Ministries) throughout Oklahoma.  Our congregation supports two Ardmore District campus ministries: The United Campus Ministry in  Ada @ East Central University:

ECU United Campus Ministry:

United Campus Ministry
*Rev. Scott Spencer


Mailing Address:

205 S. Francis, Ada, OK 74820

United Campus Ministry Web site

East Central University 



and The Wesley Foundation in Durant @ Southeastern Oklahoma State University:


Wesley Foundation:

Matthew Scraper

Mailing Address:

311 W. University, Durant, OK 74701

PO Box 1546, Durant, OK 74702


Wesley Foundation

Southeastern Oklahoma State Univeristy


Click on their websites to connect or email them or 'click on' the Oklahoma United Methodist Campus Ministry Directory for our UM Conference Campus Ministries to learn more about all the Campus ministries in Oklahoma our congregation supports annually.


The Lindsay United Methodist Church was one of ONLY 27 United Methodist churches in Oklahoma to receive the 2005 "The Lamplighter Award" for outstanding support of our campus ministries thanks to the care and leadership of our Campus Ministry/Higher Education Ministry Team.


There are ways in which you may wish to be part of this ministry support throughout 2006.  Please feel free to contact our Campus Ministry/Higher Education Team (to be added) and become connected to the exciting ministries that support and nurture our Lindsay UMC students and children.


To enjoy the inspiration and excitement of Young Adult Ministries you may want to click on to MethodX and see how other Christian Young Adults are sharing their faith and God-given gifts for ministry and mission.